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News / Updates:

Sept 2010
Under development:
  • OmniPHP Framework 0.1.3 (soon to be released) will include:
    - RIA layout implementation.
    - Improved validations.
    - Bug fixes.
  • OmniPHP Framework 0.2.0
    (this will be the next major release under the development-level <1.0 branch. I'm redesigning the code to be more akin to true OOP principles of design and to simplify integration.)

OmniPHP™ Framework 0.1.2 released. Full-blown session management added with a sample user-authenticated app.

Released the OmniPHP™ Framework version 0.1.1 with some addons, slight re-implementation and included samples and tutorial in the release codebase.

Uploaded many useful samples and a broad tutorial to the site.

WIP (Work-In-Progress): OmniPHP™ Site and Samples.

Release of the OmniPHP™ Framework 0.1

August 2009
Release of the SurveyEngine 0.55


Sourceforge Download Link:
Download the OmniPHP™ Framework here

Usage Requirements:
The OmniPHP™ Framework is not a tool for beginners or non-experienced programmers but in fact a set of useful libraries for professional developers. You should be a proficient web developer: PHP 5+, MySQL or SQL Server (though if you come from another RDBMS you can easily adapt), XHTML 1.0 or HTML 4.01, CSS 1 or 2, JavaScript 1.5, you will also benefit from having experience with XML and AJAX.

System Requirements:

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