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Sept 2010
Under development:
  • OmniPHP Framework 0.1.3 (soon to be released) will include:
    - RIA layout implementation.
    - Improved validations.
    - Bug fixes.
  • OmniPHP Framework 0.2.0
    (this will be the next major release under the development-level <1.0 branch. I'm redesigning the code to be more akin to true OOP principles of design and to simplify integration.)

OmniPHP™ Framework 0.1.2 released. Full-blown session management added with a sample user-authenticated app.

Released the OmniPHP™ Framework version 0.1.1 with some addons, slight re-implementation and included samples and tutorial in the release codebase.

Uploaded many useful samples and a broad tutorial to the site.

WIP (Work-In-Progress): OmniPHP™ Site and Samples.

Release of the OmniPHP™ Framework 0.1

August 2009
Release of the SurveyEngine 0.55

OmniPHP Framework Work in Progress Features:


Purpose Establishment

The OmniPHP™ Framework is an easy to use set of OOP libraries that allows building most types of web applications in a RAD-like environment. It provides Web 2.0 RIA controls and AJAX, database abstraction for different RDBMS, session management, scalability, amongst others. It also includes pre-built templates that serve as basis to create CRUD applications, reports, and other enterprise quality apps.

The framework aims to evolve into an enterprise-driven library that would allow fast development without requiring hard-coding the basic functionalities of form database-extensive web applications. It was designed thinking of programmers coming from the C/C++ school rather than .NET or Java schools and it is based on OOP approach rather than MVC architectural design, although the latter could be implemented manually by developers who desire it.

As it is, it provides off the hat security and extensibility (protection against: SQL injections, invalid input, session hijacking, UTF-8 and ASCII interoperability without corruption, and other common types of data corruption), it provides features to retain submitted data without requiring hacks or hidden inputs, it has an advanced database library that allows running most types of queries and SQL commands in different RDBMS's (currently: MySQL and Microsoft SQL Server) which can be executed by calling simple methods. Hence the user can create CRUD (Create, Retrieve, Update, Delete) like applications (i.e. reports, web-sites, application forms, data entry apps, customer support apps, etc). For Web 2.0 and AJAX it includes extended PHP wrappers to the Spry and jQuery wrapper libraries that integrate JavaScript and AJAX with server-side PHP seamlessly.

I named this framework as OmniPHP™ as a tribute to the PHP language but this project is in NO WAY affiliated with the language nor its projects nor any RDBMS engine or any other major open source or commercial project. Please refer any questions or bug reports regarding this project to this site and our forums, bug trackers, or paid commercial support (through Vexillum Consulting when it becomes available). Please do not bother any of the good peoples at PHP, Adobe Spry, MySQL, MS SQL, or others with questions regarding this project.

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